FUT is an abbreviation for FIFA Ultimate Team, a game mode in the EA Sports video game series FIFA.

To play FUT, you just need to buy packs with real money. However, this is not the only way to get coins. There are many ways to get free fifacoins and points on your account.

Here is how to get these coins for free:

Complete SBCs

The most popular method of earning free FIFA coins is by completing SBCs (Special Guest Challenges). These challenges involve opening packs with a defined set of cards, and they can reward you with up to 100k free coins. To complete them all, you will need to spend real money on packs or other items that allow you to complete these challenges more quickly (such as Premium Gold Players Packs). But if you are willing to grind through each challenge one by one over time, then it is possible to earn millions of coins without spending any money at all.

Trade Knowledgeably

Another way to earn free FIFA coins is by trading on the transfer market. This involves buying low-priced players or consumable items at their minimum price (usually around 1k), and then selling them for a profit when their prices increase due to demand from other users on the market. However, this method requires quite a bit of knowledge about how prices move in FUT.

Sell Unused Consumables

Every time you buy a consumable in FIFA Ultimate Team, it will have a minimum sell value. This means that no matter how many times you use the item, the minimum number of coins you can get from selling it is set at the time of purchase. The sell price of an item increases with every use until it reaches this minimum sell value. Once this happens, it stops increasing and will not go any higher until you use the item again.

Complete Your Daily Objectives

In FUT, there are daily objectives that give you rewards when completed. These can range from gold packs to silver packs to coin boosts for your club and even special editions of cards. Completing these objectives is a great way to earn free coins for your team as well as increase your player level quickly so that you can unlock more cards from packs by getting more points per match.


The FIFA coins in FUT are the lifeblood of the game, they allow you to buy players & packs, build your dream squad, win matches and make your way towards the top of the leaderboards. You can play games against friends online or you can jump into casual games, or if your up for a challenge you can take part in the seasons mode where you’ll get rewarded for winning with coins.

You can try different ways to get coins: buy from others or sell your player items on auction. With these two ways, you may not get enough coins which will help you build a strong squad for the World Cup.

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