Using pull tab tickets to play the corresponding game is a great way to play for charity purposes. This game is more like a gambling game with lots of stake involved. But in most cases, the proceedings go to charity immediately. Things are changing in the pull tab game, as many people now earn their money directly through this game instead of giving to charity. Truth be told, this is an interesting game with a lot of suspense, stories, and it can be very addictive. Moreso, whatever gets won in the game is based on the luck and playing experience and expertise of the winner. So why does all proceedings need to go to charity? In this guide, we will analyze what this game is all about, its Types and some of its benefits.

What Is A pull tab ticket

There is a pull tab game, and the pull tab ticket is what you need to play the game. Think of it like having one gold pokemon card needed to play the Pokémon game. Pull tab tickets have many other names including, instant bingo, bowl games, pickle cards, Nevada tickets, amongst many other names. Therefore, whenever you come across these names, you can tell it is the pull tab ticket game. These tickets come either in the physical form or the electronic form. For the physical one, it is a ticket like paper, that contains symbols. All of these symbols are not obvious as they hide behind some perforated areas.

Description of how the pull tab tickets work?

The basic game process of this game is to sell the tickets, get prizes, and share these prices properly. The games that can be bought are numerous, but each sale happens at single points. The prices of each game vary and can’t be the same. Generally, the price ranges from 25 cents to about five dollars. The prizes that come from the game have a lot more value and can even reach up to 5000 dollars. Amongst other gambling and wagering games, the pull tab is different because it has an already calculated amount of tickets that can win and corresponding graphics. Before you play, you have the right to view the remaining chances of winning that you have.

What Are The Types of pull tab tickets

There are two main types of pull tab tickets, obtained physically or electronically. The physical ones are papers that have two sides showing the details of the ticket and winning possibilities. The electronic one is simply the paper ticket but not in paper form.


Playing the pull tab game can be boring for only one reason, the proceedings usually go to charity. No one is saying charity is not a good thing, but if you will be playing a game with your money, wisdom, and tricks, you should at least have the right to decide what percentage goes to charity. Understanding the game and how it works is not exactly hard, as we have described in this article. If you are having a hard time understanding it, you can always check back at this article.

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