There is no question that videos are an essential part of marketing and blogging in this modern era because of trending apps like YouTube, TikTok, etc. In order to create high-quality videos and become a known content creator, you need the right tools. One of those essential tools is a phone holder or stand.

This blog post will discuss about some of the finest ugreen phone holders that are bestselling in terms of video shooting because they offer immense advantages. We’ll cover everything in detail as to what features in a phone holder, or stand makes it the best to help you shoot a quality for your business or daily life. So, stay tuned!

Best Phone Holders and Stands to Shoot Videos

Following are some phone holders and phone stands and their features which are perfect for shooting videos. Read on!

Adjustable Desktop Cell Phone Stand

The unique and stylish yet compact Adjustable Desktop Cell Phone Stand is made of high-quality aluminum. It is very durable with a broad base, so you don’t have to worry about it falling over while you shoot your videos. It allows you to mount your phone or even a tablet in landscape and portrait modes because it is compatible with 4 to 7.9 inches screen sizes. This will help you shoot your videos at your desired angles.

If you want to shoot a video that requires you to use both your hands, you can easily mount it to the adjustable desktop cell phone stand and free your hands. Moreover, for the user’s convenience, it has a designated charging hole that allows you to put your phone on charging even when you’re recording something.

Gooseneck Desktop Phone Holder

Another futuristic product by UGREEN is the Gooseneck Desktop Phone Holder which will provide you with the utmost accessibility because of its flexible neck and long arm that is 800mm long. Additionally, with a 360-degree rotation, this can be directed however and wherever you want while creating video content.

Another convenience this gooseneck phone holder provides is that it can be attached and installed easily on any surface, e.g., Kitchen counter, bedside table, car, etc., up to 8 centimeters thick. This feature will help you create versatile content like cooking videos, makeup tutorials, car podcasts, etc.

Lazy arm tablet holder

The lazy arm tablet holder is yet another innovative holder that supports not only tablets and iPads but android and iOS phones like iPhone 8 plus, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note8, etc. This feature comes in handy for those people who shoot videos on different phones and tablets because they can use the same holder with every device. This UGREEN holder lets you rotate your device at a 360-degree angle which is great for vlogging. Finally, it stays firm and still in place because of no-skid clamps, which helps make high-resolution content.


We hope that this blog post helped give you an idea about the different phone holders or stands and what features they should have if you’re buying them primarily for making videos. By purchasing any of the above phone holders, you can shoot your videos like a pro! If you want to take your video production to the next level, these tools will help you achieve your goal. Adding high-quality UGREEN tools to your collection will significantly enhance the quality of your videos, whether they are for entertainment purposes or marketing purposes. Hope you have found this blog helpful.

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