Ariel cosmetics is a full-service private skin care manufacturer. The company helps businesses in the cosmetics industry develop and manufacture high-quality products. It is one of the dozens of private skin care or cosmetics manufacturers in the industry. This blog discusses everything you should know about private cosmetics manufacturers.

What is a private cosmetics manufacturer?

A private cosmetics manufacturer is a company that manufactures skin care and cosmetic products sold by another company. This means that the manufacturing company does not own licenses to the products or brand them. Cosmetics brands brand and sell products manufactured by private cosmetics manufacturers. Therefore, these manufacturing companies are also known as white label manufacturers.

How does a private cosmetics manufacturer work?

The company will help you bring your ideas to light and raise your cosmetics business from the ground. The first step for working with white label manufacturers is developing an idea. This is where you visualize what you want and expect of your products. You can present these ideas to the manufacturer and allow them to bring them to life.

The company will help you create formulas for the products. You can work with them hand in hand, test the formulas, and determine the most suitable one. Once you have chosen the perfect formula, the next step is production. Working with a white label manufacturer is akin to outsourcing your production to another company.

Besides product development and design, a white label company will also provide technical support. Full-service white label cosmetic companies provide additional packaging designs and label procurement services. They also offer warehousing services for excess products packaging, shipping, and logistics support.

Once the products are ready, the while label company will ship them to the client who sells them under their brand label.

Types of private cosmetics manufacturers

There are two types of white label cosmetics manufacturers;

1. Full-service white label companies

These companies offer the following services;

  • Formulation- this is where the product formulas are developed
  • Production- this is where the products are manufactured depending on the determined formulas
  • Logo design- this is where you deliver a sketch of your logo, and the company will help you develop a final logo design.
  • Packaging design- The company will help you design the perfect design for your packaging depending on the product type and your logo.
  • Packaging- once the design is developed, the company will package and label your products.
  • Warehousing and shipping- finally, the company will store excess products on your behalf and ship the quantity you need.

2. Limited service white label cosmetics companies

The services provided by these companies may differ. Some companies offer formulation, production, and packaging services, leaving out the branding elements. The wise thing to do is to visit the company and find out their services.


Before working with a white label company, it would be wise to research their services, requirements, and what you can expect from them. It would help if you also considered how the company could help you meet your company’s and clients’ needs. Knowing what to expect will give you confidence when walking into the partnership.

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