Pressure washers are great cleaning devices. They come in different types, constructions and have varying Max. Pressure levels. They are commonly used residentially and industrially. This post looks at some of the top pressure washer applications.

Top pressure washer applications

There are numerous limitless pressure washer applications. The most common ones are:

1. Washing concrete and brick

One of the primary pressure washer applications is washing dirt from concrete and brick. These surfaces often get dirty from mud, paint, grease, and a host of elements. Getting dirt from these surfaces can be highly challenging. Bending over with a brush and bucket of water would take several hours and result in backache and a host of issues. This is where pressure washers come in. Pressure washers spray water at high force, eliminating the dirt quickly and efficiently. You also use detergent to make the cleaning easier and more efficient. A pressure washer will remove the dirt and other elements like weeds and mold growing between the brick and concrete.

2. Cleaning metals and metallic surfaces

Pressure washers are also great for cleaning metal surfaces like grills, gutters, metal roofs, gates, and other metallic items and surfaces. The water from the pressure washers helps remove dirt and smudges from the metal surfaces. You do not need to worry about scratching the metal with a pressure washer.

3. Car washing

Perhaps the most common application of pressure washers is in car washing. The pressure washer gets rid of grease, mud, and other forms of dirt and stain from parts of the car. When cleaning your vehicle with a pressure washer, the trick is to use a low-pressure setting and clean water (without detergent). If you must use detergent, the trick would be to apply it manually. Other than cars, you can use pressure washers to clean bikes, boats, trucks, and trailers.

4. Cleaning wooden surfaces

Many people also use pressure washers to clean wooden surfaces like stairs and outdoor furniture. However, experts recommend not using maximum pressure when washing wooden surfaces. Instead, use a low-pressure setting or nozzle tip. Too much pressure can strip the finishing of the wood. It can also cause chipping or strip particles from the wood. The water can also get into the wood and cause rotting and the development of microorganisms like fungi.

5. Cleaning home exteriors

Pressure washers are also excellent tools for cleaning home exteriors like walls, windows, wooden decks, gutters, roofs, stairways, tile patios, and other elements. You can also use them to clean paint off exterior home surfaces before a new paint job. Portable pressure washers are excellent for this application because you can easily move them around the house.

Final word

You can also use a pressure washer to clean carpets. Note that the type of pressure washer usually determines its applications. For instance, electric pressure washers are not ideal for outdoor cleaning because they must stay connected to an electric outlet. This limits their portability. Different pressure washers have varying pressure levels. Therefore, you must consider the amount of pressure you need, based on the application, when choosing a pressure washer to acquire.

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